• Xiaflex Injections

      Dr. Richard Gilbert is one of the select hand surgeons in New York City authorized to administer Xiaflex™ injections for the non-operative treatment of Dupuytren’s contractures. Xiaflex™ was recently FDA-approved as the only nonsurgical treatment for adults with symptomatic Dupuytren’s contracture.

      Dupuytren’s disease is a condition that affects the hands in certain individuals. In Dupuytren’s disease, the tissue underneath the skin in the palm thickens, and becomes similar to scar tissue. As the condition progresses, a rope-like cord develops beneath the skin, pulling the affected digit(s) into the palm, resulting in a contracture. With a significant contracture, Dupuytren’s disease can interfere with everyday activities, such as getting dressed, shaking hands, and using a computer.

      The typical appearance of Dupuytren’s disease, resulting in a digital flexion contracture.

      Before Xiaflex ™, the traditional treatment for symptomatic Dupuytren’s contractures was surgery. Surgery for Dupuytren’s disease is quite complex, requires anesthesia, and has been associated with a number of complications. After surgery, extensive post-operative hand therapy is usually required, and full recovery can take up to six months. Recurrence of the contracture is also not uncommon.

      Xiaflex ™ involves giving one or two injections, in the doctor’s office, and then manipulating the affected digit the day after the injection. No anesthesia or incisions are required. The reported results are as good or better than surgery, with a minimal risk for minor complications. There is no prolonged recovery, and there is usually no need for postoperative hand therapy.

      If you suffer from Dupuytren’s disease, ask Dr. Gilbert if you are a candidate for this exciting new treatment.