• Fall’s Well that Ends Well: Prepping for Winter’s Workouts

      The muggy heat of summer is not over yet, but if you’ve taken full advantage of the outdoors this year you might be feeling a season’s worth of activity starting to take its toll. You may not know this, but normal wear and tear is what helps build muscle and strengthen our tendons and ligaments. After a long summer of pick-up games and outdoor pursuits, now may be the time to take a moment to relax, both physically and mentally.

      Our minds need time off from physical activity as much as our bodies, so let the change in seasons be your cue to ease up and focus on simple, easy exercises and stretches. A month of rest can help remedy a number of built up aches and pains, so use this time to rejuvenate your spirit, when sunlight is at a premium and the weather may force us indoors.

      Transitioning to indoor workout routines in the fall and winter shifts the focus on a different set of muscles and tendons, so make sure your body is ready for the slight changes that can have a big effect on musculoskeletal health. As always, consult your doctor for professional advice on any nagging injuries from your adventures this summer.

      Getting a fresh start for each season means fresh equipment, and new shorts and shirts go a long way in prepping for a new workout routine. Additionally, the crisp treads of new sneakers can help limit the danger of slipping on wet fallen leaves or unseen ice slicks, further protecting you from injury. Winter’s early sunsets make for dark afternoon jogs, so consider investing in a lightweight reflective vest and check your bicycle lights for brightness. No matter your age or experience, getting the most out of your workouts in the coming months means preparing against factors outside of your control.

      The best thing anyone can do at this point, however, is take up to a month-long break and start looking towards your accomplishments from this summer with an eye towards the next.