• Spring into Spring!

      Let’s face it, there’s nothing like the revitalizing rays of early spring days to get us up and out for a morning jog in the park. So whether you took a few weeks off in the waning days of winter or you’re transitioning from the gym to the streets, now’s the time to refresh your equipment and your body. Here’s how.

      Start by checking in with your doctor. Make sure he or she is aware of any nagging aches or pains. If you’ve had a lingering injury this past winter, now might be the time to take a couple of weeks off and monitor how it feels. Let your doctor know if it shows no improvement, or even better, come in and let one of our specialists check it out and come up with a plan to get you active.

      The next step is to update your equipment, beginning with your sneakers. The first question we ask our patients is whether they have the right shoes. Worn down sneakers have an outsize effect on our joints and muscles, and many aches and pains simply disappear when our patients buy a pair of new shoes, no matter the season.

      We have found that one of the easiest ways to ensure a proper pair of shoes year round is to write the date in them the day you buy them. That way there will be no doubt as to their age, and it’ll be an easy reminder for when you should get the next pair. As a rule, the average runner should get new shoes every 300 miles, so if you run about 10 miles a week it makes sense to get a new pair after about seven or eight months.

      It may seem obvious, but it’s always smart to transition from long sleeves to short sleeves. As it warms up, dehydration becomes more of an issue, so even if you haven’t changed your routine, your hydration will be affected by these warm afternoons.

      When you start back up after a winter lull, you’re bound to be a little sore. That’s what we call “good pain” from the normal breakdown and buildup of tissue as your muscles and tendons begin to renew. This discomfort usually resolves itself with further activity, but tell your doctor if the pain persists and make sure you note exactly what the issue is.

      We all want to enjoy these wonderful spring days, so remember to start slow and steady as your ramp up your activities. Having a plan is the first step of preparation in this new year, and if you follow it while keeping your body relaxed and healthy, you can look forward to a long season of fun in the sun ahead.