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      Gelb BD, Dushey CH et al: Characterization of novel cathepsin K mutation in the pro and mature polypeptide regions causing pycnodysostosis. J Clin Invest 1999 Mar; 103 (5): 731

      Dushey CH, Keggi KJ et al:  Treatment of Crowe Type IV Hip Dysplasia in an adult with one-stage primary total hip arthroplasty followed by traction and closed reduction: A Case Report and review of the literature.  J of Arthroplasty;  Submitted

      Dushey CH, Pelker RP:  Time Allocation in TKA: Identification of Bottleneck Steps in Knee Arthroplasty Operations.  J of Knee Surgery;  Submitted

      Shah RV, Dushey CH, Punjabi M: CT Scan Can Determine Disc Integrity Secondary to Burst Fracture: Quantitative Discomanometry Validation

      • Poster Presentation
      • Scoliosis Research Society, 12th Annual IMAST, Alberta, Canada, 2005

      Dushey CH, Jokl P: Hip Resurfacing Past and Present

      • Podium Presentation
      • Yale Grand Rounds, New Haven, CT, 2008

      Dushey CH, Pelker RP: Optimizing Outcomes in Total Knee Arthroplasty

      • Podium Presentation
      • Yale Grand Rounds, New Haven, CT, 2009


      Cartilage Integrity in the Lateral and Patello-Femoral Compartments of Varus Knees
      Dushey C, Boettner F, Hass S

      • This study investigates the integrity of cartilage in the lateral and patello-femoral compartments of varus knees.  The integrity of this cartilage is a key factor in the surgical decision to proceed with either uni-condylar or total knee replacement.  X-rays, MRIs and biomechanical testing will be used to determine which parameters best predict ultimate cartilage integrity.

      Total Knee Arthroplasty in Patients Younger Than Thirty Years
      Dushey C, Figgie M

      • This study examines the preoperative diagnoses and post-operative outcomes of patients under thirty years of age undergoing total knee arthroplasty.  Special attention is paid to those patients with a preoperative diagnosis of failed ACL reconstruction.

      Short-term Complications Following TKA: A CERT Database Study
      Dushey C, Alexiades M, Westrich G

      • This study documents all medical and implant related complications occurring within the first six months following TKA, to determine the rates of individual complications and predisposing risk factors.


      Yale School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Biomechanics
      New Haven, CT (2003–2004)

      • Student Researcher
      • Supervised by Manohar Punjabi, PhD


      Memorial Sloane Kettering, Department of Cancer Genetics
      New York, NY (2001)

      • Summer Research Fellow
      • Supervised by Ragu Chaganti, PhD

      Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Human Genetics
      New York, NY (1997)

      • Summer Research Fellow
      • Supervised by Bruce Gelb, MD, PhD