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      Regional Comprehensive Hemophilia Diagnostic and Treatment Centers Maternal Child Health Bureau Walsh, CE (PI), Hurlet, A, Gilbert, M 2007-2008

      Prevention of the Complications of Hemophilia Through Hemophilia Treatment Center Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Walsh, CE (PI), Hurlet, A, Gilbert, M 2007-2008


      Coakley Memorial Prize
College of Physicians & Surgeons, 1964

      Distinguished Service Award
National Hemophilia Foundation, 1974

      Humanitarian Award
National Hemophilia Foundation, 1986

      Distinguished Presentation Award
Hemophilia Association of Illinois, 1988

      Honorary Award
National Hemophilia Foundation, 1989

      Honorary Award
Hemophilia Association of Puerto Rico, 1992

      Honorary Service Award
University of Puerto Rico, 1997

      Excellence Award Ortho-Geriatrics Team
Mount Sinai Hospital, 1998

      Pietrogrande Prize- Lifetime Achievement Award
 Musculoskeletal Committee
World Federation of Hemophilia, 2005

      Physician of the Year
National Hemophilia Foundation, 2005