• Joint Replacement

      Our reconstructive and joint replacement surgeons specialize in care the of arthritis and fractures of the hip, knee and shoulder. We utilize the newest techniques including partial replacements, resurfacing, revision surgery and minimally invasive techniques.

      Reconstructive Hip and Knee Surgery

      Reconstructive hip and knee surgeries are among the most common and successful orthopedic procedures being performed throughout the world. The satisfaction rating for these procedures is upwards of 95% and over 90% of the implants are expected to last twenty or more years.

      Our conservative and compassionate team has specialized in joint replacement surgery for almost forty years.  While most of the procedures are done in patients with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, we have special expertise in patients with Avascular Necrosis and bleeding disorders (Hemophilia). We have treated patients from around the world and have been asked to lecture, teach, and do surgeries in Canada, Central America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, and Asia.

      We have extensive experience in fracture care and surgery about the hip and knee.

      We are qualified to perform the following procedures when indicated:


      • Primary Total Hip Replacement
      • Posterior Lateral and Anterior Incisions
      • Minimal Invasive Surgery
      • Standard and Special Bearings
      • Surface Replacement
      • Revision Surgery
      • Fracture Surgery Including:
      • Pinning
      • Nailing
      • Rodding
      • Prosthetic Replacement


      • Non-Operative Strategies including Viscosupplementation
      • Primary Replacement
      • Partial Replacement
      • Gender Specific Prosthesis if indicated
      • Revision Surgery

      All our Surgeries are performed at a World Renowned Medical Center that is equipped to provide comprehensive medical care for all your medical needs.